I Hospital Health Why Physiotherapy Is One Of The Widely Preferred Healing Technique?

Why Physiotherapy Is One Of The Widely Preferred Healing Technique?

The technique of physiotherapy has been around for hundreds of years. Physiotherapists are experts in injury management and healing exercises that help the patient recover without the need for surgery. Today, physiotherapy is widely and more preferably used than conventional healing methods.

It is used in curing sports injuries, back pain, neurological issues, etc. There used to be a lot of apprehension surrounding physiotherapy but today, it has been proven that physio is a branch of medical science that involves medically proven exercises to maintain the overall wellbeing of the individual.

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They also give mobile physiotherapy services which means that the team of doctors will drop a visit to your home to give you the physiotherapy services, right from the comfort of your home. This is a huge relief for those patients who cannot travel because of extreme pain or who do not have anyone in the family who can take them to the hospital.

Benefits of physiotherapy

1- Recovery from the injuries – physiotherapists are trained, medical practitioners. If you have a strain in the back or a sprained ankle or a stiff neck, a physiotherapist can cure you with a rehabilitation programme. The physiotherapist first analyses the injury and assess the history of the damaged area.

Since the injuries heal and improve with time, the rehab exercises are usually paced with time. This allows a speedier recovery. A personalised physiotherapist adapts treatment protocols to ensure the quickest recovery for you.

2- Effective relief from pain- therapeutic exercises which are involved in the physiotherapy like soft tissue mobilisation or use of other modalities like the TENS, ultrasound etc to give you a relief from pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, muscle sprain, etc. the pain does not return after such therapies are administered.

3- Enhancing the overall strength and coordination of the body – physiotherapy exercises improve the overall strength of the body. It also takes into use the assistive devices, which enhance the coordination of the body. By using such rehab techniques, issues like vertigo and dizziness can be effectively cured.

4- Improved capacity of lungs and functioning of the cardiovascular system – physiotherapy is very beneficial for post-stroke patients as it helps in regaining balance and movement. The other special training breathing exercises restore lung capacity and blood circulation.

5- Managing sports injuries – expert physiotherapists understand how various sports injuries can be caused and what is the best solution to them. The physiotherapists plan a recovery plan in such a way that your injuries recover most speedily so that you do not miss much on your sport.


Physiotherapy is a very effective branch of science that heals the patients and thus, serves as a great alternative to the surgical method.