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Your participation in the Lhospital.org podcast would be very much appreciated by us. We are constantly searching for fresh authors to contribute to our ever-expanding health center, whether they do so regularly or on an occasional basis as guest contributors.

What Are The Advantages Of This?

You will get the chance to showcase your work to a new and expanding audience in the field of health and wellness. This opportunity is presented to you.

A backlink to your website as well as a byline or author bio that gives you full credit for the piece you contributed.

The Nugget You Need To Know About The Pinch Of Wellness Content

We want you to be a part of our growing team if you believe that you have personal or professional expertise in the field of health and wellness, as well as a story or news to share with our readers. Our primary goal is to give our readers a taste of health and well-being in every post they read. When it comes to our health, we simply do not have the luxury of time to read an entire book. We aim to keep it as straightforward, helpful, useful, and easy to understand as possible.

Draft a short essay about health and wellbeing that fits into one of the following categories and should be considered “bite-size” in length:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental

It would be perfect if there were rules, tips, methods, and guidance that might promote health and wellness. Share your simple recipes, kitchen techniques, methods to being more motivated at the gym, top 5 strategies to stay happy, and other helpful tidbits of information.

Be sure that the content of your postings is pertinent to the domain of bite-size wellness. Make sure you are familiar with the different kinds of articles that we accept.

Do You Want To Submit Articles To Lhospital.Org?

Instructions For Writing And Sending In Proposals

  • Think of the work you are doing in bite-sized chunks as an appetizer for a healthy lifestyle as you are doing so. We do not want the reader to become so overwhelmed that they cannot recall what they have just read or that they run out of space to continue reading. Articles must be brief, uncomplicated, and straight to the point.
  • For articles, a length of at least 500 words is ideal; however, you are free to compose as much content as you see fit.
  • Please make sure to proofread. Your writing could undergo some light editing so that we can improve its overall quality and make certain points more clear. Your article will keep its integrity regardless of what happens. It is not my intention to upset you by correcting any language or spelling mistakes that may have been made, but rather to make the content better.
  • You can include any photographs you wish in your article by attaching them here with the necessary attribution and credit information provided. Because people want to see what we are discussing, the inclusion of at least one photo is strongly recommended.

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