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The Top 7 Highly Rated Vibrators in the Market

Buying a vibrator for the first time can be a daunting experience. There are so many brands, categories, colors, sizes, shapes; it can all be so overwhelming. As well, rarely is your satisfaction guaranteed with sex toys, usually your purchase is a final sale due to the nature of the product.

This means, it is very important to do some homework and research, before purchasing your first one. In order to narrow down your list, and reduce your anxiousness, we have some very helpful tips below. We have discussed the top 7 vibrators available on Go Lovify, which are the top picks of our customers.

Figure out what you need

Before we begin with the list, it is important that you figure out what exactly you need. Start by asking yourself a few questions like:

  • Will I only be using it in a bedroom type situation?
  • Would I like to use it in the bathroom or bathtub, does it need to be waterproof?
  • Will I be using it alone or with my partner?

Answering these questions will narrow your search down and ultimately help you pick a suitable vibrator.

Top 7 vibrator types in the market

  • Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators are long and straight in shape. They typically have a very basic non-realistic design, and if you have ever tried a cheap vibrator in the past, it was probably a classic vibrator. They are likely the first vibrator one would purchase as a starter toy.

  • Bullet Vibrator

The next commonly used vibrator is a bullet vibrator. If you want a vibrator, which you can use in the comfort of your home as well as anywhere outside while on the move, then you have to go for a bullet vibrator.

The vibrator gets its name from its design. It is usually in the shape of a bullet. It is smaller in size, and thus easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. The bullet vibrator is discreet, inexpensive and some are wearable, making this a staple in most toy boxes.


  • Egg vibrator

Just like a bullet vibrator, an egg vibrator is small in size and handy to carry. However, the best part about an egg vibrator is its egg like shape, because of which you can carry it anywhere, but also use it wherever you want. The fully round shape of this vibrator make is possible to completely insert it into vagina, and it won’t slip out.

Also, if you want to use it for clitoral or vulva stimulation, you can simply place it inside your underwear and it will not be noticeable at all. Most of the new egg vibrators are all remote controlled, making this a fun option for date nights. Again, small and discreet with powerful vibrations and patterns and easy to use makes this an overall favorite product.


  • The Wand Vibrator

This type of vibrator typically looks like a normal massaging device used for neck and back massages. It consists of a long rod with a semi-flexible and soft head attached to its end. It definitely looks very different from any other typical vibrator, as none of the vibrators come with a distinct head.

The wands are generally known for external stimulation, however the new generation of wands has the option of attachments making them more versatile and a great option for internal use.  Wands are known for being very powerful so take it slow and use the vibration strength that suits you. A lot of people have had to work their up to the higher settings.


  • The G-Spot Vibrator

As the name suggests, this vibrator is specifically designed to stimulate your g-spot. There are many women who get orgasm with external stimulation, and most of them don’t even know what g-spot stimulation feels like. If you are one of them, a g-spot vibrator can prove to be very exciting for you. It can help you unlock the g-spot and with it a whole new experience of bliss. Any vibrator with a curved end on the shaft will be able to target the g-spot.

Fun fact, women who use g-spot vibrators or have had g-spot targeted orgasms, may have also experienced the female equivalent to ejaculation.  Sometimes called “squirting”.  It’s said one of the only ways to achieve this is through g-spot orgasm.  There are way too many to name, honestly most g-spot toys are named very obviously.  G-spot has become a trigger word in the adult industry marketing lately so you can find a huge variety of toys for this.


  • Clitoral/Oral sex vibrator

This particular vibrator is not exactly a vibrator. Well, of course it vibrates, but that is not its main function. Rather than just vibrating against your clit or in your vagina, this vibrator targets the clitoral area and provides a “sucking” sensation.  The experience is exactly how it feels like when you are receiving oral.

This new technology uses air to create this unique feeling.  Many users say you must take the time to figure out all of the settings and what feels good for you.  A lot of toys are too easily dismissed as not being great, however it’s mostly what you would call “user error”, as the customer didn’t take time to try out settings.  There are toys out there that have as many as 7 speeds and 8 varying patterns or more, so we urge you to take your time. Great options for these types of toys would be the Sona by Lelo, Melt by We-Vibe and Suki by Vedo to name a few.


  • The Rabbit Vibrator

Most women will agree that a rabbit vibrator is one of the best vibrators on the market. It provides simultaneous external and internal vibration.

Rabbit vibrators have come a long way since the plastic rotating heads with pearls inside.  I’m sure we’ve all seen those back in the day.  Now they come in so many varieties, colors and don’t forget technology!  Some are app/Bluetooth compatible, some have thrusting heads, rotating shafts, come hither motions and some have dual motors, which is our absolute favorite as you can control whether or not you need both vibrations going at once or you just want to enjoy one sensation at a time.

In any case, like all toys, you will have to read and research what type of motion, speeds and how powerful you want your rabbit vibrator to be.  When you’ve narrowed that down and picked the perfect color you want you’re ready to start exploring.  Most websites like Go Lovify will have various functions and features listed so you can make this choice very easily without overwhelming you.  Because purchasing a sex toy should fun and easy!