I Hospital CBD Things You Need to Know While Travelling with Your Vape Kit

Things You Need to Know While Travelling with Your Vape Kit

Airline regulations restrict a wide range of things that you can take when travelling. As such, you might be wondering whether you can take your vaping devices with you. It is best to know the regulations put forward by the airlines so you can travel with ease.

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Here are the tips for travelling with your vape kits:

  • Always need to remember that e-cigs aren’t like real cigarettes. They need to be kept safely while packing, as they are basically electronic tools. Hence, pack them cautiously.
  • You can pack a spare battery if you are commuting for long hours. You are allowed to carry lithium-ion batteries in your hand luggage. You can carry at most two batteries. You need to check on whether you can carry powerful batteries with you while commuting to another region or country.
  • You can seal the e-cig batteries with electric tape to avoid any major issues like an explosion.
  • It is beneficial to disconnect your e-cig batteries from unregulated models, as they aren’t designed with any safety features. Thus, if you accidentally switch on the e-cig, there’s a chance it might cause a fire. It is better to use the button-locking device to switch it on before packing them.
  • Your e-liquid cartridges need to be safely packed to prevent leakages. It is best to buy good quality vape juices packs because cheaper bottles are sure to spill. You can even pack them in quality empty bottles that are sure to prevent any leakage. You can pack e-juices of 100ml for a safe commute.
  • Vaping during commuting isn’t allowed by any airlines. Some airlines may even arrest you for using e-cigs while on the plane. Moreover, there are chances of some substandard electronic cigarettes triggering a fire, so it’s best to avoid vaping while commuting to your destination by plane.
  • Check vaping regulations in the country you are travelling to. Some don’t allow vaping and others have put forward regulations on using vaping devices. To avoid paying a penalty, it is best to understand the rules enforced for using vaping kits.

Some airports do allow passengers to vape in allotted areas and some totally restrict vaping anywhere in the airport. You can know about the regulations posted by the country by visiting the websites of reputed tours and travel companies.