I Hospital General The definitive guide to making the best quality espresso

The definitive guide to making the best quality espresso

The first-ever espresso was made and served more than a century ago. Since then, the process of making espresso has undergone vast refinements. The technology for making coffee has improved drastically over the years. So, what exactly does espresso mean in the coffee industry and what is the way to make the best espresso? This guide covers all of that.

What is an Espresso?

Espresso is a refined method of brewing method that originated in Italy. It involves the process of forcing a small quantity of heated steam to pass through a collection of coffee beans. For best results, the coffee beans are finely ground. Specially produced specialty coffee beans are used as espresso beans.


Making a cup of espresso

Specialty coffee beans can be used and roasted a certain way to get the desired flavour. Espresso is a way of making coffee and roasted beans can be used for this. Espresso is what you get in your cup when the process of brewing ends. To make an espresso, you will need an espresso making machine and specialty coffee beans (which has to be roasted).

Do espressos always taste bitter?

Most people think that espressos are meant to taste terrible. This is because they involve blends that are naturally roasted to be extremely dark. This causes ashy flavours and unpleasant char that result in the bitterness of the espresso.

However, your espresso doesn’t have to be bitter. Espresso is usually rich and they come with complex and subtle flavours. You can make your espresso come with floral ad fruity flavours as well as fascinating pine and spicy notes as well as pleasant fruity and citrus acidity.

Making espresso: Selecting the fresh beans

You need to make use of freshly roasted Specialty coffee beans when preparing your espresso. You get the best espresso with roasted specialty coffee beans that is about between 7 and 21 days old. Espressos come with a  “Crema” which is a top layer that looks like a cream. This is composed of CO2 that is produced during the process of brewing the coffee. Crema is what gives your espresso its amazing flavour. Without it, you only get an ordinary strong black cup of coffee.

Quality homemade espresso: The best roast method

Any coffee type will be good for a cup of espresso. For the most consistent coffee taste, you can try darker coffee roasts. This is because:

1). Darker coffees are more sustainable and unlike lighter roasts, do not change with time. This is why they are suitable for making espresso.

2). You get the best coffee flavours with darker roasts because they tend to work properly with milk. Then again, deeper notes such as nuts, caramel, and chocolate tend to mix extremely well when used along with milk (cappuccinos, lattes, etc.). Furthermore, you get a rich and harmonious espresso taste when you add a hint of fruity or floral flavour.

Making espresso: Espresso machines

Homemade espresso can be made to be like those curated by world-class baristas. You just have to master the art. Typically, you are only allowed to make a cup of espresso with a machine since it needs pressure. However, there are various inexpensive options that can be used instead of a machine. Homemade espresso can be made with the simple use of a French press, or a Moka pot, or an AeroPress.