I Hospital News Get to Know the Different Types of Bongs or Water Pipes

Get to Know the Different Types of Bongs or Water Pipes

Bongs are similar to traditional water pipes used to smoke dry herbs. When herb gets heated and it produces smoke, the device diffuses that smoke in the water to filter it. The inhaler gets clean and cool smoke. Today, bongs have become a popular herb smoking tool.

When you visit expresssmokeshop.com, you will find varieties of bongs for sale. They will differ in types, features, shapes, styles, sizes, etc. Let’s understand the common types of bongs or water pipes available along with their features. It will help you make an informed decision when you purchase one from Express Smoke Shop.

Thick glass bong

Glass is a popular material, but you will need to consider its thickness and quality. Better quality and sufficient thickness mean good durability. A low-quality glass means prone to easy breaking. Good quality also means more pristine and stronger but will affect its weight. The thick glass allows easy cleaning, a great hygiene advantage. Users even prefer thick glass bongs because smooth drags are produced.

Percolator bongs

You will get to choose from a plethora of shapes like –

  • Downstem
  • Spiral
  • Fritted disc
  • Faberge eggs
  • Matrix
  • Inline
  • Tree
  • Honeycomb
  • Showerhead
  • Turbine

Percolators allow better smoke filtration and cooling, before inhalation. The smoke bubbles through the water, which improves their bubbly effect. The position of the percolators can be at the bottom or in a specific chamber. Inhalation is made safe and easy because perc offers an extra smoke filtration layer. Percolator bongs are pricey.

Beaker bongs

The base is more stabilized because of its broad shape at the bottom. It holds more water than the straight tube bongs. The extra water helps the inhaler to regulate the perc filtration type and drag resistance level. Due to their unique feature, the beaker bongs need less cleaning. Besides, cleaning them is easy. It is a great option for medicating purposes.

Silicone bongs

Lately, silicone smoking devices are in trend ranging from bongs and dab rigs to pipes. Cleaning silicone is easy because it can easily be bent. It is also sturdy, light-weight, and portable. It’s a flexible option for traveling. You can get them at affordable prices.

However, many people find the smoke a little harsh in comparison to glass bongs. It is because mild plastic taste gets emitted, which makes it a bad hit.

Ice bong

Ice pinch or notches allow placing ice cubes within the chambers. Ice bongs offer the smoothest hits. You can choose an ice catcher feature to enjoy a great inhaling experience. It is available in almost every bong. Water is also added. Ice is for cutting the severe edge of the smoke when it hits the inhaler’s throat. Ice bongs are the most expensive than all the above.

Metal bongs 

Contemporary smokers use metal bongs. The metals used can be stainless steel or aluminum. They look artistic and stylish. Clumsy smokers can find metal bongs a great option because it doesn’t break and is cheaper than glass ones. However, the taste can get compromised, and metal is a heat conductor so the bong body can get hot to touch.

Ceramic bongs

Ceramic bongs offer smoke flavor better than plastic but not as smooth as glass. They are costly than plastic and cheaper than the glass bongs. Today’s smokers least prefer this modern material bongs.