I Hospital General A buyer’s guide to latex mattresses

A buyer’s guide to latex mattresses

Why should you get a latex mattress while looking for a mattress? A 100% natural latex mattress is a luxury mattress that is also a Bed 2 Go eco-friendly option on the market. A premium mattress is one that is made entirely of natural latex and provides several advantages to the sleeper. You should think about getting a latex mattress.

Latex mattress styles

Understanding the three various kinds of eco-friendly latex mattress options is vital since they vary in the options they provide.

The natural latex

Natural latex is created from 100 percent pure raw materials sourced from rubber tree sap. The difficult process of generating natural latex results in 100% pure organic rubber with no added chemicals.

This organic rubber prevents the formation of microorganisms that might hurt your body or create an allergic response. Natural latex is hypoallergenic, but it also prevents mould from growing. Another noteworthy feature of organic mattresses is their capacity to absorb odor and moisture.

Because it is dust mite resistant, latex mattresses manufactured of 100% natural talalay latex are an excellent choice for those with asthma. This is critical since every asthmatic is hypersensitive to dust mites. The only negative is their high price.

Synthetic latex is an abbreviation for synthetic latex

Synthetic latex is made by polymerizing monomers, a method that enables molecules to chemically bond to other molecules required to make latex (with the added chemicals). This sort of mattress incorporates additional synthetic substances that were generated intentionally.

Styrene-butadiene is a common element in the manufacturing of synthetic latex, popularly known as “syntax.” the sole benefit of synthetic latex mattresses is that they are less expensive. The chemicals in these mattresses might be harmful to your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Latex combination

Blended latex is made up of both natural and synthetic latex components. The word blended denotes that this latex is created by combining natural and synthetic latex, often in ratios of 80% to 20% in favor of synthetic latex.

There is also a combination of natural and synthetic latex, although this is uncommon and reserved for high-end (and consequently pricey) mattresses. The blended latex combines the advantages of the two primary forms of latex, such as the durability and hardness of natural latex and the inexpensive cost of synthetic latex.


Natural latex foam does not include any dangerous chemicals. Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. Natural latex is utilized entirely in the production of latex foams. As a result, it is more costly than synthetic latex or syntax.

Manufacturing businesses will claim that synthetic or Syntex latex is more durable than 100% natural latex. Mattress specialists, on the other hand, contradict this assertion. Because of its natural components, they believe that 100% natural latex foam is much more durable than synthetic latex foam.

Thus, the only substantial benefit that a synthetic latex mattress may offer over a natural latex mattress is that it is less costly. As a result, it is less expensive than natural ones.

Without taking into account the cost, if you compare the health advantages of both mattresses, you will discover that natural foam mattresses outperform synthetic foam mattresses. Natural latex gloves are not only gentler on your skin, but they are also less prone to mould growth. Natural foams are also antibacterial and anti-dust mite.