I Hospital General Understand Everything about the Kendamil Formula

Understand Everything about the Kendamil Formula

Do you have a little one in your home? Are you thinking about what to give to make your baby grow healthier? Well! You can consider the kendamil formula. This is one of the premium organic formulas accessible on the market.

There is massive competition for creating organic baby formulas. Thus, plenty of baby formula brands have been established. So, it becomes tough to choose the right brand.

When you do a background search, you often end up at Kendamil. Are you wondering what makes this brand so popular among the parents? Keep reading to know the significant elements of this healthy baby formula.

Kendamil formula – what does it mean?

Kendamil is the only infant formula in the UK built over 58years of expertise in infant nutrition. This brand is committed to developing the most natural, premium and sustainable organic formulation for babies worldwide.

With local and traceable ingredients, this product is designed to guarantee premium quality from farm to formula. Each can of the kendamil formula is designed, handcrafted and formulated in-house.

By joining hands with 220 local organic farms, the brand meets the growing needs of the new parents. It is the only whole-milk formula in the formula, which is both vegetarian-friendly and palm-oil free.

Is it safe to use Kendamil baby formula?

Kendamil provides the unique formula and standard for traceable, natural and organic formulas. It is the only infant formula in the world whose cows graze in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Since Kendamil’s supplier farms are organic and Red Tractor certified, you do not worry about the quality of the product. It meets the stricter standards of quality, and thus, you can give it to your infant without any hesitation.

What are the benefits of Kendamil?

Take a glance at the significant advantages of the kendamil formula. It helps you to take the right decision without any hesitation.

EU certified organic and British grass fed cows

European formulas are extremely popular and stricter than US organic standards. Kendamil’s cows are grazed outdoors with easy access to indoor housing and then milking twice a day. It renders healthy diet supplements and a stress-free environment.

UK organic farms access natural manure instead of artificial fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. It ensures that animals are treated with extra care by feeding the organic items. So, the Kendamil product is considered organic and safe to use.

  • Healthy and natural fats

Currently, many infant formulas are made with skim mills and added vegetable fats to match the breastmilk and WHO guidelines. However, there is nothing wrong with adding skimmed milk in formula and adding certain fats such as coconut oil, use of the palm oil impacts health negatively. It brings digestive issues and lowers fat and calcium absorption in infants.

The Kendamil access the natural full-cream mammal milk fat. They also avoid the usage of palm oil and access legal vegetable oils. They often blend sunflower oil, coconut oil and canola to render alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid. It makes the Kendamil closer to breast milk in the composition.