I Hospital News How to Introduce Face Mask in Your Work Place?

How to Introduce Face Mask in Your Work Place?

During the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic many businesses had to close down temporarily. Though some business providing essential services had to remain open amidst this, most of the employers are planning to prepare to reopen their business as soon as the restrictions are lifted. The States are imposing regulations regarding the conduct of employees that needs to be followed.

These regulations are not arbitrary in nature in all states. The company needs to frequently check updates in regards to corona virus prevention regulations and legislations.

Training for The Employees

The employer must follow all the regulation given by the state and introduce the safety measures to their work place for preventing transmission and protect the employees and clients from corona virus.

  • Educate the employee on the importance of covering face with mask – Face masks should be used to prevent transmission through cough, sneeze, and droplets. The effectiveness depends on the type of mask you are using. Not all need to wear a N95 mask. A surgical mask or cloth covering is enough, if you do not come in close contact with a COVID-19 patient.
  • Train them on how to use a mask – Give them proper instructions to use face masks effectively. There are different kinds of masks available in the market. Guide them to choose the right one for them.
  • What not to do – They should not remove their masks in workplace. The mask should not be pulled down the nose for better breathing. There would be no use of wearing a mask if the virus transmits. Absolutely don’t exchange your face mask with another person.
  • Cleaning or disposing masks – The used mask should be properly disposed in a closed trash bin. For cloth covering, wash it regularly and disinfect.

Providing Employees with Masks

The question whether the employer needs to pay for the masks or not depends totally on the individual company policy and the law of the area. Some places through the jurisdiction, may order employer to buy face masks for the employee and while others may not.

If you are bound by the law and company policy, order protective face masks in large volumes. Custom Earth Promos is completely an eco-friendly company which takes order in bulk. You can ask for a quote in bulk pricing. They are also providing free shipping for FDA approved surgical masks. Though they specialize in custom bags, they also produce top quality face masks.

Employee Refusing to Wear Face Mask to Work

The employer can take disciplinary action against any employee or can even fire them if they refuse to wear mask or not maintain the protocol to prevent transmission of COVID-19 virus. The seriousness of the action taken against the employee would depend on the State and local governments. Though there may be exception to this policy on the ground of medical issue. It would be judged by the Disability Acts.

Since the situation of the pandemic is dynamic and abrupt you must abide by the orders and provide a risk-free work place.