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The Postures Useful to Maintain Good Back Health

 You can’t ignore your body posture as it defines your well being. Even a slight back pain makes you feel stressed and your active life is fully disturbed. Thus, there is always a need to maintain right posture to continue with the daily work without and added stress of enduring back pain or other issues related to nonalignment of your spine vertebrae.

Know the kind of postures people usually adapt in their life:

  • Straight healthy posture: Your spine remains aligned to your ears to hip and straightly align with your ankles and lastly with your feet. In simple words, your back should be in straight line.
  • Kyphosis: Your spine is inclined in front thus it looks like slightly hunched. It happens because of not maintaining right posture while sitting or walking. Ladies suffering from osteoporosis symptoms suffer from bone weakness and its fragile condition. Individuals adapted to this posture experience stiffness and back ache.
  • Flat back: The human spine has two curves and in this posture a person loses the lower curve that makes the person to lean more forward, the spine remains unbalanced and thus your legs pain while standing straight. The person even experiences constant back pain. The causes of flat back may be due to degenerative disc disease, compression fractures or because of ankylosing spondylitis ailment.
  • Swayback: The natural curve of spine well known as Lordosis is affected by a wrong posture. The spine curves inward at the lower back and neck part. Yes, it not only causes back pain as the person feels unable to move in a normal way. This is because the balance of spine is greatly affected and the lower back needs to function hard to move in the right way. There are ample issues that lead to swayback posture like osteoporosis, kyphosis, obesity and pregnancy stage. While wearing high pointed heels all the hours of walking results in stomach and buttocks protruding out. Thus, shoulder moves back and head seems to move forward.
  • Forward head or neck posture: It seems like neck and head are fully extended from shoulders as they are inclined in forward position compared to rest of the body. It is an uncomfortable posture as the person may experience neck pain along with back ache. The body seems to be in hunch, thus not a good-looking posture.

Now, you would have identified your kind of posture. If it is the right one then there is no issues as you won’t suffer any health problems related to your back, neck or your spine. However, if you are practicing wrong ones, then you need to understand the kind of health issues you may unfortunately experience in your life.

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