I Hospital General Here is Why Tea Lovers Should Try Oolong Tea for Enhancing Health and Taste

Here is Why Tea Lovers Should Try Oolong Tea for Enhancing Health and Taste

It is a well-known fact that tea is quite a tasty drink most folks like to drink it anytime. It isn’t a surprise when someone says that they are in love with a particular tea brand. This is because the tea flavors their morning and day with freshness and while they are tired, it fills them with energy that keeps them active the whole day.

Tea is a beneficial drink in many ways. Today, this wonderful drink is even used to stay healthy and reduce the body’s unwanted cholesterol. Yes, there are many forms of tea sold worldwide promising to be the best aid to keep your body always fit. One of the most popular among them is oolong tea. It contains many healthy compounds that will help your body to stay healthier. That is the reason in many countries it is a daily ritual for people to prepare oolong tea for their family and themselves.

Tea leaves are plucked from evergreen shrubs and some seasonal shrubs in many countries. Taiwanese tea provides a distinct taste as it is prepared using their traditional methods. This class of tea is largely beneficial for health and available in varied kinds. One such popular tea type among them is Oolong tea. Now, you must be wondering, what is oolong tea? It is a special kind of tea produced and marketed mainly by Yoshan Tea House. The tea leaves are cultivated in the wilderness of mountains. Its taste is unique and quite healthy.

Oolong tea:

  • It may be not well known in the worldwide market however once you try, you will love it.
  • It is made from brewing the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. All these plants parts have particular kind of enzymes that turn the green leaf into black color.
  • There are two forms of Oolong tea like green tea and black tea. The green tea leaves aren’t allowed to oxidize much like the black Oolong tea leaves.
  • The oxidation of the leaves plays a key role in generating that particular taste of Oolong tea.

Benefits of drinking Oolong tea:

  • It has many kinds of nutrients and minerals essential for a healthy body. Some of them are Fluoride, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Niacine. It has caffeine in minimal proportion as well.
  • It has antioxidants known as tea polyphenols, theanine, amino acid, theaflavins, EGCG and thearubigins. All help the tea user to feel relaxed and calm.
  • The polyphenol antioxidants are highly helpful to avoid diabetes symptoms. It assists in reducing blood sugar and insulin level in the body.
  • The tea leaves are supportive to maintain the cardiovascular system. It normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body. There are lesser chances of stroke or enduring any other heart disease.
  • A great helper to lose body weight. The polyphenols in the tea help to regulate metabolism resulting in reducing the proportion of fat in the body.
  • It enhances your brain functions, thus can be safe from the troubles of chronic ailments like Alzheimer’s.
  • It is good for protecting yourself from acquiring certain cancer symptoms.

There are a lot more health benefits associated with Oolong tea, thus next time don’t forget to order from the online shop, Yoshantea.

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