VoIP has proved its viability in almost every industry and helped businesses across diverse industries to overcome half-good communication, hefty costing, and poor engagement issues. However, there are certain industries where VoIP is rendering more than this and has changed the way that particular industry used to deal with mundane things. 

One such industry is healthcare. 

Here, business is customer-focused and demands engagement at every level. Those who fail to meet these prerequisites are likely to fail big time. The healthcare industry further struggles to maintain a balance between tedious appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and patient calls. 

VoIP phone system for healthcare is what helps businesses related to this industry overcome this challenge easily and enjoy undisturbed success and operations.

Here is how VoIP helps the healthcare industry:

VoIP for hospitals

Large-scale and multi-specialized hospitals are swearing by the utility that virtual phone number is offering – consolidated communication, reduced telephony costs, and multiple location handling without investing a large corpus. 

To maintain uniformity and consistency in the operations across all the locations, multi-site hospitals are integrating pendant VoIP devices with the wireless PBX. This enables them to have a nimble communication easily.

Utilizing cloud telephony for communication is what further ensures data integrity at every level.  As it is a distance agnostic technology, it enables customers to reach a healthcare service located anywhere.  Also, the online phone number has features like call forwarding, call transferring, call recording, and auto call attendant that ensure no call goes unnoticed, and every detail is captured.

With powerful integration, a virtual phone system brings sales & marketing, and accounting at a centralized place. Thus, you need not juggle between different platforms just to fix an appointment. It can be done automatically when a customer calls for this.  

Smaller hospitals that operate within a set periphery can also offer comprehensive customer service at a mere cost as the VoIP phone system demands far fewer investments when compared to PSTN or on-site based phone systems. As it uses the internet for calling, it combines voice and data and ensures you are saving by all means.

In both the sort of hospital environments, being present around the clock is what customers seek. VoIP allows you to own a second phone line of the same business phone number and be omnipresent against all the odds.  It works as a back-up of your current telephone system and can be brought into action if the main phone line crashes.

VoIP for home nursing

Home nursing is a major section of the healthcare industry. With this practice, the healthcare industry ensures that patients recover under highly professional medical observation in the comfort of their homes.  Before the inception of the virtual phone system, home nursing used to rely on pre-recorded medical records or paging systems. However, VoIP has changed its face for once and for all.

Now, home nursing can be as good as in-hospital nursing.  It offers unified communication means ensuring real-time patient monitoring, health record analysis, and getting the right and time-bound consultation from a remote location. Home nursing practitioners can arrange a video conference with a superior medical professional and get real-time guidance.  They can also arrange regular virtual check-ups for the patients and share live stats about the patients’ health condition.

The best part is that you need not be tech-savvy or own high-end devices. Any normal data-driven device is more than good for this job. Home nursing was never so reliable and tech-driven as it is now with the use of virtual phone numbers.

VoIP for international medical assistance

There are many incidents where the healthcare industry has to communicate across borders. This industry needs specialized consultation and guidance in some cases. Doing so was never possible or cost-effective before the inception of VoIP. Since now we have VoIP, you can connect with any specialist sitting in any part of the world using an online phone number. You can not only make pocket-friendly international calls but can make free video calls.

Making international connectivity more advanced and cost-effective, VoIP can be clubbed with SIP. With this merge, you can be double sure that nothing is beyond your reach. You can build a self-serve online portal for your employees and customers wherein they can get connected with the international medical assistance without bearing any extra cost and operational burden.

As the online phone number is highly flexible, you can set as many as second phone lines dedicated to each department you want. This further enables a healthcare business eyeing the global market to have streamlined and sorted operations without having exhausting work hours.

Running a healthcare business is no joke. It’s one of the mind-numbing fields that anyone can ever choose. That being said, we can’t ignore its importance. You can enjoy hassle-free healthcare operations by adopting VoIP for communication purposes. This single tool can reduce costing, empower customer engagement, and maintain data uniformity and integrity across all the channels.


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